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Labour Could Be Set To Betray Brexit, Warn Rees-Mogg And David Frost



Tory MP Jacob Rees-Mogg and Lord David Frost have both warned that the Labour Party could be planning to betray Brexit and drag Britain back in line with the European Union. 

Speaking on his GB News show, Rees-Mogg threw scorn on Labour’s latest proposals relating to illegal immigration and the building of new homes.

Saying that Labour ‘cannot be trusted not to betray Brexit,’ Rees-Mogg warned that Sir Keir Starmer’s latest trips to EU bigwigs is a sign that a future Labour government – an increasingly likely prospect – seeks to essentially bring the UK back into the EU in all but name.


Meanwhile, Lord Frost, who was Chief Negotiator of Task Force Europe from January 2020 until his resignation in December 2021, warned that Britain is now ‘in serious danger of losing Brexit’.

Saying that Labour has shown its hand but too many Tories have also given in to the dismal Theresa May view of the EU, Lord Frost wrote in the Telegraph that ‘the country may feel in a bit of a mess at the moment, but things can always get worse. Keir Starmer and the Labour Party have given us a glimpse this week of what a Labour-run Britain would be like.’

‘Now we have the Starmer plan for stopping the boats: to promise the EU that, in return for the bloc taking back illegal arrivals here, we would take in a larger number of illegal arrivals there,’ he continued. ‘Why he thinks such an unequal bargain would be in our interests, or why our immigration numbers should depend on the ability of Italy, Spain and Greece to control their own borders – that’s anyone’s guess.

Lord Frost has also warned that Labour could be plotting to bring the UK back into closer alignment with the European Union.

Lord Frost has also warned that Labour could be plotting to bring the UK back into closer alignment with the European Union.

‘It’s all part of a pattern. Labour claims to want economic growth but will vote against any specific effort to make it happen. It claims to like business in theory, but not if it infringes trade union rights. It wants to build houses but not if that upsets its perfectionist, fantasy-world view of the environment.

‘And, above all, Labour wants to take us back closer to the EU. If the party can’t get us back in, it would, if elected, agree unequal deals to make us an EU rule-taker in return for the nebulous benefits of greater co-operation. It’ll begin with a food standards agreement; then align elsewhere; then bring us closer to the single market and customs union again. Each step Labour will present as sensible and pragmatic, opposed only by fanatics – but gradually we will be back in the EU tractor beam. Facilis descensus Averno.’


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