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LABOUR Councillor Quits After Tweeting Racism, Antisemitism, and Downplaying the Holocaust



A LONDON Labour Councillor has quit after being suspended for writing and sharing racist, homophobic posts, and engaging in antisemitism on Twitter.

Cllr David Morton, who represents constituents in Hammersmith and Fulham, used his Twitter account to ‘like’ and retweet multiple posts that were racist, transphobic, and homophobic, along with Covid conspiracy theories and antisemitism.

Cllr Morton also recently ‘liked’ a tweet claiming that the recorded number of Jews who died during the Holocaust was false, two days after he had been suspended by Labour for allegedly engaging in anti-Semitic content online.

Bizarrely, Cllr Morton said he was unaware that the tweets from his personal account were visible to the public and said they may have been a “mistake”, saying: “Naively, I had thought that tweets on this site would remain private as there is no political attribution to the account… I thought that I had kept these opinions to myself. However I can see that these re-tweets may have been a mistake and would certainly be against Labour policy. I can’t argue against that and I will remove them.”

In his resignation letter, Cllr Morton said: “Over time I have come to the conclusion that local Labour Group policies do not reflect the views of my constituents. I have felt increasingly uncomfortable that we are ‘doing things to residents, not with them’.”


“This came to a head at the Full Council meeting on Wednesday 12th July when I felt unable to support the Labour motions and I left the meeting in disgust at the Cabinet’s response to the plight of the residents and business owners in Wandsworth Bridge Road.

“By coincidence, on Friday 14th I received a confidential email from Labour HO (Head Office) informing me that I was ‘administratively suspended’ following an unnamed and undetailed complaint alleging contravention of the party’s policies. On Tuesday 18th you withdrew the whip from me and terminated my position as a Labour councillor.”


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