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The Only Way To End ULEZ Now Is To Kick Out Khan – Here’s How



Whilst time may be up to stop the expansion of his ULEZ tax, the clock is rapidly counting down on Sadiq Khan and his time as Mayor of London.

How many votes has his insistence to expand ULEZ cost him? How many Londoners now cannot utter the words “Mayor of London” and “Sadiq Khan” through unclenched teeth? How much longer will we have to put up with this rogue Mayor?

Well, it depends: the next Mayoral election is on the 2nd May 2024. 24 hours later and London could and should have what it desperately needs – a new Mayor. But can London wait that long? Has this entire ULEZ scandal taught us nothing?

This is the Mayor who purchased the camera before consultation.

The Mayor who ignored the results of said consultation that showed 66% opposition to the expansion.


The Mayor who was caught out discounting responses and targeting specific communities with adverts to produce a more favourable response.

The Mayor who ignored the same Impact Assessment he himself commissioned Jacobs to conduce, because it said the expansion would have “negligible” impact on air quality.

The Mayor who said he was listening to Londoners, whilst calling them “far-right, Covid-deniers, and vaccine-deniers.”

The Mayor who has been warned countless times for using misleading data and claims in adverts regarding ULEZ, like the 4,000 premature deaths and 9 out of 10 cars being ULEZ compliant, not 9 out of 10 cars seen in outer London being compliant.

The Mayor whose scheme was dragged into court by 5 Councils standing up for their residents and local businesses.


The Mayor who cost his own Labour Party a home run in the Uxbridge and South Ruislip by-election where he reopened a police station that he had just closed because the Labour candidate had promised it.

The Mayor who now finds himself at odd with Spineless Starmer, his own Party, and MPs who realise that the ULEZ expansion is simply a tax on the working class.

The Mayor who pressured the BBC to report the ULEZ expansion in a more positive way because he didn’t like the negative criticism that was being reported.

The Mayor who, if you pay £12.50 to, will give you his ‘divine’ permission to drive whatever car you want, wherever you want, polluting the air all day long.

The Mayor who said that white families are not representative of London, despite statistics showing over 50% of London’s families are white.


The Mayor who has given himself a ULEZ exemption in his diesel chauffeur-driven Range Rover.

The Mayor who has held a consultation on Road User Charging like pay-per-mile and hired a Head of Road User Charging, but now claims that it is not on his agenda at all (even though we can see that the TfL strategy papers include introducing Road User Charging in the coming years)

The Mayor whose team has been caught out disputing the science and pressuring scientists to reword their Reports because they don’t like the results going against the ULEZ expansion.

That Mayor is Sadiq Khan.

In any other profession, in any other world, with any other Mayor, they would have resigned. They would have been hounded out of office. They would have enough respect for the office of Mayor to do the right thing and resign.


Not Sadiq Khan.

So yes, the ULEZ expansion has taken place and I know there are thousands upon thousands of Londoners who now will be taxed for leaving their driveways and just trying to get on with their lives. For taking the kids to school. For visiting a loved one in hospital or a hospice. For popping to the shops to grab that extra ingredient or to pick up a prescription.

If you live in outer London, any part of outer London, you are in the ULEZ area.

SO, PLEASE REMEMBER: It is so much easier if you sign up to AutoPay via the TfL website, because if you don’t and you forget to pay the £12.50 charge, you open yourself up to a hefty £180 fine. And we all know how long it takes for those fines to come in the post. So you’ll continue driving in the zone, forgetting to log in and pay, and then after say 10 days that first fine will turn up. You’ll be annoyed, pay, and set up AutoPay. But then that second fine will come. And the third. Fourth. On and on till you have £1,800 in fines. That’s Sadiq Khan’s ULEZ tax.

Pushing ordinary Londoners into poverty: London Labour’s new slogan? Let’s see how that goes on 2nd May, 2024.


And that’s if Sadiq Khan makes it to 2024. We, the people, have the power. We must keep fighting, keep protesting, and keep telling this Mayor of the damage he is inflicting on businesses, charities, and ordinary Londoners.

Tell your story. Contact your MP. Sign petitions. Start petitions. Join Facebook groups. Write to the Mayor. Go to the press. Join protests (My first EVER protest was opposing the ULEZ expansion months ago and I have heard incredible, heart-breaking stories at every single protest). Keep the fight going.

Sadiq Khan should have resigned by now, but if he hasn’t got the dignity to do it we must drag him out of City Hall kicking and screaming.

Khan may have won the battle to impose ULEZ, but he won’t win the war.


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